Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to become a Budgens retailer?

    There are no joining or weekly membership fees to be a Budgens retailer, although stores need to achieve our minimum brand criteria. The cost can vary dependent on the individual store circumstances and any equipment requirements.

  • What type of store do I need to have?

    We have a variety of store formats which cover smaller community stores, local neighbourhood shops, larger supermarkets and a range of options for forecourt sites. The key is understanding your customers and their shopping needs and matching the format to those requirements.

  • What support do you provide?

    Following a site assessment the team help you through all stages of converting an existing store or opening a new one. This includes store design, liaising with shop fitters, product range reviews and staff training along with recruitment and marketing advice. On going support is provided by a dedicated Retail Development Manager, our Customer Services team, our central office team and our retailer website.

  • Do you have a minimum purchase level?

    We request that stores purchase a minimum of £10,000 per week through the Budgens distribution depot.

  • Do you offer any discount schemes?

    We have a simple rebate scheme which enables you to earn up to 6% discount. The rebate is paid every 4 weeks and is based on the purchases made from our distribution depot. If you have more than one store we can offer aggregated buying across your stores and can also include purchases made at your local Booker Cash and Carry.

  • Can I use my current IT system?

    A Budgens can link to a number of IT suppliers and your equipment may be able to be used following an assessment by the IT providers.

  • What is the minimum drop requirement?

    150 cases per drop and £10,000 of depot purchases per week.

  • What options do retailers have for ordering goods?

    Orders are placed through either your EPOS system or the web. Products are delivered up to 6 days per week depending on store volume requirements.

  • How many own-label lines do you have listed and what are the own-label ranges?

    From entry level to premium we offer over 1,000 SKUs. Our ranges include Discover the Taste, Discover the Choice, Farm Fresh, Happy Shopper and Euro Shopper all delivering a minimum POR of 25%.

  • What promotions do you offer?

    We offer a new 4 weekly promotional package centred on deeper consumer discounts and an average POR of 20%. The package includes market-leading core 'big deals' and all our retailers receive free personalised promotional leaflets and point of sale kits.

  • What category management help can you provide?

    Our 'Core in Every Store' range is our suggested 'must have' range of 1000 products, which is a great foundation for all stores and an easy way to maximise sales and profits. Additionally we offer full guidance on ranging and planograms for all store sizes.

Getting Started

A Budgens store needs a 1,000 to 5,000 square foot sales area. They can be leasehold or freehold.

Is your site suitable?